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Hare & Berries A5 Notebook

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Proudly made in Britain, this beautiful A5 spiral bound notebook has a generous 140 pages making it perfect for organising your life or storing all your creative ideas and memories.

Each watercolour design also has a poem written by the Artist and is beautifully printed on the reverse of each book, giving it that extra touch of personality.

The notebook has a smooth matt finish, with 80g plain white inner pages and finished beautifully with an elastic clasp to keep the book securely closed. A perfect gift! ❤️

Poem -

The winter hare always has to be so cunning and clever

He scampers about in the open despite the awful chilly weather

For precious food becomes sparse when the temperature drops

Shimmering snow covers the fields and there are no more farmers crops

As a wise and mystical creature, the hare will always survive

Chewing moss and hunting for berries they dig and they dive

As glittering snowflakes softly fall and land on his wet nose

The shining moon above watches over him wherever he goes

As others silently hibernate, the hare travels all winter long

But soon it will be spring and the birds will burst into sweet song

The harshness of winter will be a distant memory for the hare

As sunshine returns bringing an abundance of food to share

Refreshed and relaxed he will be sipping fresh water from the lake

Remembering his long days chasing berries and snowflakes


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